Whiskey River Events

Whiskey River will soon be hosting a Poker Run and Bike Show / Contest!


The Whiskey River Team would like to give you the opportunity to participate in the 2009 Whiskey River Poker Run & Bike Show Contest. We will need a min of 3 and up to a max of 7 store owners, willing to help on the day and sponsor, by providing prizes... Bringing traffic and exposure for your business!!!!

All Bike Builders at Whisker River can enter their bikes in a Show, with the entrants and public voting on their FAV Bikes. The show will commence one week before the Poker Run event takes place.

There will be events between the Poker Card stops, to include Drag Racing Contest & Road Course Contest, a Trick Riding Competition and the Bike Show / Contest. Prizes will be given out for Top places of each before a LIVE CONCERT at the end of the day.

All proceeds will go towards prize money and the cost of the live concert.

STORE OWNERS, Please fill out this short survey: http://www.createsurvey.com/c/76418-gC8ARo/





Stop 1) Begin at Whiskey River Roadhouse (Rider sign up - Reigster via the Contest Board)

~~~  Approx. 1 hour, Drag Races on HMMC available Bikes (to make it solely best reaction times, no altered scripts) (Prizes for top 3 scores or more depending on donations from YOU)

Stop 2) Whiskey River Tycoon #1

~~~  Approx. 1 hour, Best times around course. (Prizes for top 3 scores or more depending on donations from YOU)

Stop 3) Whiskey River Tycoon #2

~~~  Trick Riding competition, voted on by a judging panel Prizes for top 2 or 3)

Stop 4) Whiskey River Tycoon #3

~~~  Announce Bike Builder Winners

Stop 5) H.M.M.C.

~~~  Post riders Poker Hands & announce winners (Top 3 Places or more depending on donations from YOU)



1st, go to the start location (HMMC) to register. After you have registered, ride your bike to the event held between your next stop to collect your card. ONE CARD PER PERSON, PER LOCATION. Officials will be recording all cards selected by entrants.

After you have all the cards or run out of time (Start and End time yet to be decided), come to the finish line and put your highest 5 card poker hand together onto a notecard and turn it into Harley Marenwolf, with your name and time in the title. 

Winners will be announced once all hands are turned in and calculated! In the event of a tie, the time the hands are turned in will be the deciding factor.

You may only turn in ONE poker hand!  If you try and slip in two, BOTH will be DQ'ed w/out hesitation!!!

Shuffle up and deal and the best of luck to you all!!



There will only be 10/20 spots available so it will be first come first serve!!!

All winners will be announced at the end of the Whiskey River Poker Run event and the prizes are as follows:

1st Place Judged: L$1250/2500 & Trophy
2nd Place Judged: L$750/1500 & Trophy
3rd Place Judged: L$250/500 & Trophy
Peoples Choice: L$250/500 & Trophy
Top Ten Builder: Trophy/Plaque

To join the contest it will be L$125/250 and after you do join you will be required to contact Harley Marenwolf and demonstrate that the bike works correctly.

1 vote will be L$10/25 (peoples choice only)

You can only enter your own build, if you do enter someone elses build, then you will be disqualified and not given a refund.

All scripts are to be deleted out of the bike once you have shown me that the bike is in full working order.

You may only enter a maximum of 1 bike.

Peoples choice will be as it says, there will be boards where people can vote for a certain bike / bike builder and the person with the most votes at the end will recieve a trophy and 250/500 Lindens.

The judged contest will also be as it states, judged by 3 non bias judges that will not have a bike in the contest.


Please contact either Tamara Sierota, LoriLei Savage or Harley Marenwolf for more information.

Volunteers would be much appreciated for day of event.

P.S., if this is a success we will plan on many more :-)


You can also jam out with us at the Whiskey River Road House! We always have great blues, jazz, and rock tunes playing. Live DJs and even concerts from big Artists and Bands including Stevie Ray Vaugh, Creedance Clearwater Revival

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