Whiskey River Barn & Stable

FREE HORSE VENDOR:  this vendor will dispense free 45 min horses to anyone who clicks on it. To ride the horse, find it in your inventory, rightclick the inventory item, and pick "WEAR" from the pie menu.  Now simply move around and your horse will walk. If you try to wear the horse when it is rezzed in the world, the animations will not work properly.  To work properly you must "wear" the horse from inventory and turn OFF your AO.

If you try to ride the horse when you are wearing other animations (AOs or animations in attachments like shoes), the horse animations may not work properly.  To work properly, turn off all animations and remove all attachments that contain animations before riding the horse.

GO-KARTS: Apolon Kart Competition Go-Karts are available free for use. Click in Kart and choice SIT then click on the Kart to post the menu. Commands: The up arrow key: moves forward ; the down arrow key: backs up
the right arrow key: turns right; the left arrow key: turns  left; the page up key : Changed Speed +; the page down key: Changed Speed - the The up arrow key and  the down arrow key: Turbo Boost


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